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Guess what flowers? Will it be fruity?

2021.10.20 03:27 Capital_Bus4368 Guess what flowers? Will it be fruity?

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2021.10.20 03:27 showBobsandVagenelol JOSSA counselling

are there any subreddits or facebook groups where i can ask for advice about college options? (except Indian Academia)
my mains rank is 29k; didn't qualify advanced.
pl help me out, need to do the 'choice filling' for jossa - thanks!
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2021.10.20 03:27 ZoomUltraTv Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 🍑🍽

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2021.10.20 03:27 Gold_Ad7303 Can you orgasm too much?

I just got a new vibrator today and I wanna keep playing with it but I've already came 4 times. I don't wanna hurt myself or something
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2021.10.20 03:27 WraithSeda Oya Mando! Death Watch buy'ce gets a mantle place.

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2021.10.20 03:27 reddit_feed_bot The Middletons: Dana Summers by Dana Summers for Mon, 18 Oct 2021

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2021.10.20 03:27 RotterdamRules Why should you need a new laptop?

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2021.10.20 03:27 Lemondrop-it What do you do with your rooster’s spurs?

View Poll
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2021.10.20 03:27 Stock_Interaction_55 spy shots of Nio ET5!!!!

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2021.10.20 03:27 pashok696 Value of 5 os eth thresher?

The question above
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2021.10.20 03:27 Aadityavsingh What do weapons of Mass Destruction look like in your world? Who holds them?

I'll start first:
Yaksha powers are, They are basically powers that are passed on by eating the previous person's heart when the person is live. They grant the use the power to transform into a giant, cell-made statue that can then be used for fighting / construction etc. or can also be controlled externally with the controller being connected to the Yaksha via a cord of cells which looks like the umblical cord but a lot stronger!
The yaksha in human form can:

There are 5 Yaksha powers they are:
They are only held by the Aesir race, no, one else can acces them!

Now tell me about Weapons of Mass Destruction in your World!
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2021.10.20 03:27 nyold Am I doing this right?

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2021.10.20 03:27 Anduryondon PSA: new league migration button includes ssf standard non-private leagues.

The latest patch introduced a new league migration button and the patch notes say:

Added a new League Migrations interface to the character selection screen. This can be used to migrate all of your progress in leagues that have ended and are no longer accessible.
However, this interface also includes a(nother) way to migrate your SSF standard league to standard, so be aware of that if you want to migrate a lot of old private leagues in a row and don't want to lose your SSF progress (like I did).
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2021.10.20 03:27 Maxmurphy1 I think my kidney hates me again but I don’t know if I should go in.

So I have experienced pyelonephritis before. I’m currently having the same symptoms minus pissing blood. Should I wait until I pee blood to go to the ER? I know this isn’t just cramps.
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2021.10.20 03:27 heinz1773 [XB1] H:300 stims. W: 20 caps each.

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2021.10.20 03:27 Markoguitarcovers Revers Edge B-6 Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

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2021.10.20 03:27 HiMiru Tájfutás a Kása-erdőben

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2021.10.20 03:27 cursedevidence what ingredients work the best for your skin concerns?

salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hyaluronic acid, a retinol %, etc.
my main skin concern is acne, which I've been struggling with for over a decade. lately it's finally been getting better, which feels amazing! i've been using Differin/adapalene since June and clindamycin lotion since August, and i'm guessing those two are the main reasons for my improvement. i've also been using the Cerave Foaming Acne Cleanser, which has 4% benzoyl peroxide, almost every night since early September, and BP has always done a good job at drying out my zits (but only recently did i learn oily skin folks need to moisturize, lmao).
what are your HG ingredients? what form works the best for you? (gel, liquid, lotion, so on)
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2021.10.20 03:27 The-Dali-Drama Vote Button Counter

Hello :)
Looking for a simple "counter button" plugin for our company website that is still being built, nothing fancy, just when the button is clicked it shows a number for each time the button is pressed.
It's going to before custom 404 page:
Any suggestions?
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2021.10.20 03:27 ConstructionNo9034 When I said 2.O

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2021.10.20 03:27 jmcross02 More great art from 4iana!

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2021.10.20 03:27 noon7 [EPIC] [PS4] [EU] [ME] looking for a 2s or 3s teammates with a mic. C3 in 2s and c2 in 3s.

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2021.10.20 03:27 abitrolly Soviet railway motor car PD-1 that my friends are trying to recover

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2021.10.20 03:27 XxUnbidleafxX Ketsurygan eyes

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2021.10.20 03:27 madmadilyne anyone else matchmaking super slow as survivors all day or just me?

been all day also crash mid every couple games and lose a progress point each time I'm down 4 since it started
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