2021.10.20 04:41 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-oscar-wilde-101

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2021.10.20 04:41 kakun_diaz HELP: Norse tale/ metaphor?

Hi everyone,
My English teacher once told us what he said was a Norse tale about a bird (not Odin's raven) who would fly in from the quiet forest through the window into a huge Viking dining hall full of noise, food, and laughter. As he flew through, the bird would take in as much of it as he could, but it would only last a few seconds from one window to the opposite one, and he would fly out as quickly as he came in. It was supposed to be some kind of life analogy or metaphor. Anyway, I've been searching for it but I can't find anything and I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard anything similar or knows some kind of name for this.
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2021.10.20 04:41 denveroy1 Zoro should be Vice Captain for this⁉

Zoro should be Vice Captain for this⁉
Usopp had an emotional attachment with Merry which was given by Kaya same as Luffy has with his straw hat and Zoro has with his wado ichimonji. Usopp was beaten by Franky and lost the money. Usopp was both mentally and physically broken. Later Usopp gets into a heated argument with his captain for the ship where Zoro didn't do or say anything. His captain tells him to leave the crew in heat of the moment where Sanji intervenes by kicking Luffy to get him into his senses. It's natural his pride led him to decide to leave after hearing that from his captain where he was already emotionally broken. This shows Zoro wasn't empathic to his Nakama at all.
Not saying Zoro was wrong for what he said in water7 about the pirate codes. He blackmailed to leave the crew if Usopp didn't apologize. That's why everyone agreed. This doesn't show any leadership. Also, this scenario didn't change Luffy at all because Luffy accepted Sanji's return the same way he was about to accept Usopp's in water7. Nothing changed Luffy.
Zoro is definitely Vice Captain worthy but this isn't a good example.
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2021.10.20 04:41 CallMeKillshot Build adter this patch

What will be the best build after this patch is goredrinker still viable?
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2021.10.20 04:41 CapitalCritical3334 Dreams where you cant talk loudly/extremely hard to?

I have this once in awhile, its not necessarily the main plot of my dreams but sometimes during a dream it will just start to get really hard to talk loudly and almost impossible to talk at an audible volume. It always happens when im crying or I need to shout at someone/tell someone something long and its really really frustrating because i cant say it because i cant communicate what i need to say. Is this common or does it have meaning?
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2021.10.20 04:41 DISANews Marketmind: Margin pressures

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2021.10.20 04:41 DanAinge Glenn Greenwald is an anti-imperialist

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2021.10.20 04:41 doublebarrels Tipton Gun Vise Standard 782731 - MAP + 8.95 Shipping!

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2021.10.20 04:41 clueless_needs_help [Electric, Central Unit] Well, it snapped. How far should I tighten it next time?

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2021.10.20 04:41 Bobscomputerservice Hvordan pitcher man en kunstværkidé?

Hej Hestenettet
Jeg har jo lært lidt af hvert i gennem folkeren og gymnasiet, men dog aldrig hvordan man pitcher en ide til et kunstværk.
Er der nogen, der ved, hvordan det skal gøres?
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2021.10.20 04:41 DPGamez123 Sad Fact. Both Gwen and Ezekiel are the only players to be the first eliminated from their team twice seasons. Sorry Gwen...

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2021.10.20 04:41 CheetahSperm18 Manhattan Cafe [Uma Musume]

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2021.10.20 04:41 HoneyRush Poland drops purchase of “mobile field altars” for army following criticism

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2021.10.20 04:41 sharedthrowdown What counterintuitive concept do you want to talk about?

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2021.10.20 04:41 NewsElfForEnterprise Chinese hot pot chain Haidilao slows growth as COVID-19 curbs consumer appetite

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2021.10.20 04:41 annakom Fine hair 2a/b (ideally natural grey) people - how do you refresh?

New to waves discovered I’m wavy this spring despite being almost 40yo, now trying to perfect my method. At the moment I: • spray hair with water • brush with tangle teezer • apply mousse with praying hands • brush again & microplop • scrunch more • diffuse
Seems like getting water vs styler ratio in hair is the key to limit frizz and achieve good definition.
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2021.10.20 04:41 lalala0537 💋

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2021.10.20 04:41 GamerGrl90 If you had 1 extra hour a day, how would you spend it productively?

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2021.10.20 04:41 Feeling_Toe4613 Oculus air link and link UNUSABLE/Oculus Quest 2

PC Specs
Ryzen 5 2600x
Radeon 580 OC
16gb Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz DDR4
Whenever I use the Oculus airlink or link it loads into the home and the frame rate is so bad that when I turn the screen locks and I am able to see the black edges sometimes it will randomly start working for a bit and it runs smoothly but most of the time it is unusable. The same thing happens when I try to load steam vr games like skyrim vr and the weird thing is that the first time I played Skyrim VR it ran perfectly for over an hour then when I tried to play it the next day it lagged just like when I was in the homeroom on oculus airlink. All of my games installed on my Oculus run perfect though. I downloaded GORN on my pc and tried to play it through the airlink and it did the super lag thing I mentioned so then I downloaded it from the app store on the oculus and it ran perfect.
What I have already tried
restarted the oculus and my pc disconnected and reconnected oculus link and airlink
Set OVRServer to priority
allowed unknown sources
turned developer mode on
closed any programs that would interfere with SteamVR
I checked with SteamVR performance test and I am right in the middle of the green so I know my pc should work.
My wifi is set to 5G and I have tried even when no one else was using it and also used the Oculus link
My drivers and windows are all updated to the latest version
I have even done all the setup for the sidequest stuff
I have also tried changing the resolution on the Oculus and still nothing

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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2021.10.20 04:41 B0buxxxxxxZ LOOKING FOR MIH

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2021.10.20 04:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2021.10.20 04:41 DuckiesInAir Want to cancel seller tix

I posted tickets for Rolling Loud at an estimated price to see how it would work out, and long behold not even 5 Min later they are sold. Now it says i’m going to be charged to cancel the tickets that i posted for 50$ less?? (On top of the charges they take for selling, about 70$). I’ve only entered a debit card on that account and now I’ve deleted it. How will they charge me now? Should i just delete it since i have no form of payment on the account?
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2021.10.20 04:41 dfdfdfddaww is this sme kind of mistake? I have 17 views too and usually i get like 100 impressions in the first 3 hours but I only have 4 this some kind of mistake?#YouTubeKilledTrustedFlagging

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2021.10.20 04:41 Mymonkey_ My (18f) LDR boyfriend (20M) loves me but i feel insecure

I haven't told him that i feel insecure but whenever he compliments me, i just think "nah he is just saying it to seem nice". I love him but i try to speak to him less suddenly because i feel that i am annoying him or i am just a burden. I feel all these because of my past relationships. Also, i don't wanna tell him what's wrong with me because i feel things might get messed up if i do.
He has dated a lot of girls before from dating apps or whatever and we met on a dating app too. He has had sex with many girls but i am a virgin because i didn't wanna lose my virginity. I keep thinking about how many girls he has got before and how all of them are probably better than me.
He lives in a neighbouring country so we cannot meet due to the pandemic. I don't know how to feel better or how to open up to my boyfriend.
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2021.10.20 04:41 itsALLrhetoric Dear “little one,” I still think of you and always will…

It’s been several years, you got married and had 2 beautiful babies. I went and traveled the world and run a successful company. We took completely different paths in life, but when we shared our days and nights, it was always incredible. You were my first girl/girl true love, and you will always have my heart. But, are you happy now? The life you left behind was completely different then when we were “all” together and in love back in the day. I think of you often, I dream of you and that we reconnect, and I pray that you are happy and fulfilled, but I also miss you. Your giggle, your innocent spirit, and your affectionate ways. I hope you are getting all you deserve in life.
If you ever desire to connect with me again, I will be here with open arms to welcome you in whatever capacity you would like in your life. As long as you are authentic and true to yourself and to me, like once before. Just know that I would love to know you again.
Love always, -Big one.
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