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Can't move forward in life

2021.11.28 21:13 drugquests Can't move forward in life

I feel like I've been stuck in a limbo since I graduated high-school I'm now 24. The typical stuff has happened such as friends moving away, drifting apart naturally, and some other drama filled breakups.
I feel like my life has been consistently going downhill and I feel like I'm watching everyone around me I still sort of kept in touch with are doing much better than me once they cut me out of their life.
I want change but in my efforts it feels incredibly pointless. I've lost my best friend already so I don't feel like even making new memories with people or trying to make friends to make the damn memories even matters.
I have a job but no car and live with my parents so I get why people don't want to hangout or get to know me. I'm not really worth the time tbh. I don't think I'd want to be my friend either. I have nothing to offer, can't afford to go many places like travel and I have no space to invite someone over to. I've felt alone almost all my life aside from my one true best friend and now that that relationship is over I just don't really want to stick around anymore. Lights are on but no ones home.
BTW, I have a therapist and do yoga every now and again. I also go on walks or ride my scooter to calm down or relax. I try working out but it feels like such a chore. Currently have 1 friend, we barely speak though so not even sure that's a thing.
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2021.11.28 21:13 Azzylives how do stop this fucking game from crashing... its wiping me out,.

i know about the save points and ship jumping but everynow and then i just forget or actually you know get lost in the game trying to play the fucking thing and it crashes.

really just about had enough of it so if someone has a nice fix that would be grand.
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2021.11.28 21:13 trapdowned Join before it’s too late

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2021.11.28 21:13 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage IR15 N / US 95 S; NB TO GO SB 11/28/2021 04:09:36 PM
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2021.11.28 21:13 mrlance2019 2 different dual channel kits, one xmp profile?

I have 2 different 16gb dual channel kits, both have Samsung b2 memory die I believe. One is ripjaw v 3600 cl 16-16-16-36-52-1t , the other is trident z 4266 19-19-19-39-58-2t . I currently have the 3600 at xmp in slots a2 B2 , was wondering if I can plug the 4266 kit in A1 b1 and run it at the xmp timings of the slower kit . I have an Intel z690 board I'm running at gear 1, or can I manually just set the primaries to match the 3600 kit?
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2021.11.28 21:13 MsLillieAikawa 21 [TF4TF] UK little lesbian looking for her soulmate

I want to have that special someone who truly loves me as I will love them in return. Who will adore me, I want to be her world and her be mine and us have the most loving cuddles and kisses, endless devotion, romance and nerdy times with games, anime, cartoons, movies, just anything. I want my soulmate who I'll spend my life loving exclusively and eternally.
I'll always wake you up with your favorite breakfast, I'll bring you medicine and your favorite snacks and drinks when you're feeling unwell. We'll travel the world together, my goal will become to make you the happiest girl of all time. I really am a lil smol shy gay romantic lovestruck clingy gal haha -^
So a lil about me! I'm half japanese half Welsh (weird combo right?!) I'm 21, I'm INFP-T, I'm an introvert, I'm neurodivergent, I have ADHD, I can be shy and awkward but ultimately I'm really kind, caring, loving, sweet, a little eccentric and super nerdy! For an introvert writing this is giving me shakes />\w<\
Things I love are anime, making art, animating, gaming, music, history, culture, nature, cuddles, you and Warhammer 40k (I like the lore and I build armies I don't play x3)
My favourite anime are My hero academia, miss Kobayashi's dragon maid, Gabriel dropout, K-On!, Little witch academia and evangeleon neon Genesis (the rebuilds fixed childhood truama that show caused xD)
My favourite video games are fallout new Vegas, Stellaris, halo 2, halo 3 ODST, halo 3, legend of Zelda twilight princess, supreme commander forged alliance, X3 Albion prelude and persona 5
Some of my favorite cartoons are tuca and Bertie, amazing world of gumball, regular show, my little pony friendship is magic, the owl house, amphibia and Steven universe °/
Now you know a lil bit about the lil gay cuddly bean that is me! I hope to find you soon soulmate make sure to take care of yourself and don't be shy ;3!
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2021.11.28 21:13 TECHWON on dem ropes

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2021.11.28 21:13 throwawayfucksticks Regirock 6040 8273 6702

6040 8273 6702
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2021.11.28 21:13 Elvishgirl found this cute wreath at a local shop!

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2021.11.28 21:13 HiuysWhiok 💎$MZOO| MoonZoo ⚡️| Fairlaunched two days ago|2mil+ MC and CMC listed | Doxxed Devs and Fully Audited By DessertSwap |Gamefi + Meme + NFT ⚡️

💎💎Launched on Sep 3rd and 20X, but still low MC as DEV burned 50% token so everyone still early!💎💎
✔️ MoonZoo is the next big thing! We are combining NFT, meme and gamefi together! Fairlaunch so no shady presale nor gas war for IDO. 55% already sent to burn and liquidity already locked. MoonZoo is a project with actual utility, and we are building a game that is similar to Neko Atsume. Everyone would have his own zoo, and he needs to take care of it to attract cute meme dogs. Then dogs would come and hereby one can get the NFT. Simple concept, fun play-to-earn game.
🏆 Everyone is a zoo owner, and one has to use our native token $MZOO to purchase food and toys to attract dogs. And one can sell the meme dog NFT for our native tokens, so it is not only play-to-earn but also creates a close economy in our community. It provided demand for $MZOO, and not to mention it is hyper-deflationary in nature. Low supply and high demand, the price of $MZOO would MOON!
⚡️ We also have a big Chinese community behind us, as our dev team members are from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Please join our telegram and see our website to see our marketing videos for Chinese community as well. MoonZoo is a community project and we put great effort to build a supportive society, and is waiting for you guys to join us!!
😇😇Key Features
Gamefi, Meme and NFT combined Token
Reflections to Holders
Hyper Deflationary
🔐 🔐Tokenomics
42 Quadrillion in Total Supply
12% Play-to-earn reserved and locked
55% already burned
!! No team token or presale!!
💎💎Fee Distribution
5% LP
5% Reflection to Holders
2% marketing wallet
Suggested slippage is 15%
Contract: 0x6921187Ad2CE23972c58Cb68140b8F5ad4270c9e
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
We are listed on CMC, but It is never too late to join MoonZoo!!! ⚡️⚡️
Dev are all doxxed and contract audited by dessertswap
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2021.11.28 21:13 Copperhare [OC] Character concepting of a sci-fi post-apocalyptic story idea of a robotic creature taking care of a kid they found

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2021.11.28 21:13 readercuthbert Sipple: Donovan Raiola, Chicago Bears assistant O-Line coach, target for O-Line opening

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2021.11.28 21:13 Sol562 You’ve been kidnapped and the the characters from the last show you watched are coming to rescue you how does it play out?

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2021.11.28 21:13 Blushie-buni 5’ zozo uft!

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2021.11.28 21:13 BenAfflecksCig Not Joe’s nipples 😭😭😭

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2021.11.28 21:13 Man-akle Hello there!

Thanks for bringing this subreddit, I will advertise lonely_men to those who are struggling with relationships.
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2021.11.28 21:13 Fourwindsgone Fins Up!

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2021.11.28 21:13 SkibbyJibby I KNOW y'all aint beating my time 😝😏🙌

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2021.11.28 21:13 _zoogus_ This… This feels… Amazing

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2021.11.28 21:13 Yungboysarefit This Guy is such a free ban

this guy doesn't even hide it
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2021.11.28 21:13 DaChosenOne_Xxx Any thoughts on my Dragon Ball Heroes team? (Rate from 1-10)

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2021.11.28 21:13 Majestic-Orange Been tapering at 2mg right now anybody got any tips or experience going below that, my dr said in 2 weeks he’ll take me off completely from 2mg which I don’t want

I dropped to 2 mg awhile back but my dr only dropped my technical dose a week ago, when he did he told me if I still wanted to come off then In 2 weeks from when he dropped it to 2 he would take me off completely or drop me to 1mg if I wanted but at that dose it’s just a placebo effect which I don’t believe to be true and it somewhat scares me
I have a stash of subs to taper with if he cut me off, but I live in sober living so if I still have bupe in my system after the dr took me off I could end up homeless which would be bad
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2021.11.28 21:13 flametok Satisfying Tiktoks

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2021.11.28 21:13 VixenTheDragonGirl15 I now have 5 gold fish 3snails 5 ghost shrimp and 2 bottom feeders

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2021.11.28 21:13 whyismygspotinmybutt How do I get over the looks? It eats me alive.

How do I get over people looking at me? I don't know how to not let it hurt. Some days a lot of people are just stopping dead in their tracks and stare right at me when I'm at the store or pumping gas or whatever. I wish I could know why they are staring at me, I feel like if I knew why they looked I'd be happier. I'm sure most of them are just startled but it's similar to an atom bomb sometimes. If one stops then it's a chain reaction of other people noticing. Maybe it's just my anxiety? Some days no one notices and I'm happy but on my more crusty days it's a bit hard to hide myself.
Anyone have any solid advice on how to fix this besides what my friend said "grab some tequila and drunk shop" lol bless her heart. Thanks for the input!
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