k2ybn akfdd 8hfay 8ry7h 44z29 rhhdn 2rbhs sh62n 8zzdz fba59 ht36f 3ir8n 6z586 inbdb ra2be hifhb fty7k 4y2fs bbd79 8enah ssidt Need help finding the similar song in this song |

Need help finding the similar song in this song

2021.11.28 21:07 SoldierCrystalGamer Need help finding the similar song in this song

This song is The boys of summer by the Ataris at the beginning of 0:05-0:25 it has the same instrumental to another song my mother played once and I can’t remember the name of the song all I remember of the lyrics is it’s over that repeat/echos out and says it twice before another verse I’m unsure if it’s red or another band but I would like help if any. Thank you.
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2021.11.28 21:07 ScarredLeftTesticle Forest Scatter Terrain (Smaller Pieces)

Forest Scatter Terrain (Smaller Pieces) submitted by ScarredLeftTesticle to TerrainBuilding [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:07 conceptcreatormiui How to mix two animationdrawable where in the first one having android:stated_pressed="true" and the other one having android:stated_pressed="true"

I successfully made an animatedButton but it's doesn't state what I mean on state is that the animation only starts on click but not on press and hold. Lets say if I pressed and hold a button, an animation drawable starts as a zoom in and stops and will stay stoped as long as I'm holding the button but, if I release my finger , a new animationdrawable will play as a zoom out.
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2021.11.28 21:07 Nicholais Venti fanart @ijime_san

Venti fanart @ijime_san submitted by Nicholais to Genshin_Impact [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:07 the-only_vrind Orion and the head of Taurus

Orion and the head of Taurus submitted by the-only_vrind to astrophotography [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:07 Hexporpora For some reason, this is going to SUCK tomorrow. Can someone PLEASE, explain me why NOW I think it’s cute and then the next day I have to fix it AGAIN?!? D':

For some reason, this is going to SUCK tomorrow. Can someone PLEASE, explain me why NOW I think it’s cute and then the next day I have to fix it AGAIN?!? D': submitted by Hexporpora to drawing [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:07 ToraThePillowCuddler Did there exist any class 42 warships with hydrauic claws on them in real life or did Diesel 10 just have one? Also, if class 42 warships never had claws on them, why did Diesel 10 have one?

Did there exist any class 42 warships with hydrauic claws on them in real life or did Diesel 10 just have one? Also, if class 42 warships never had claws on them, why did Diesel 10 have one? submitted by ToraThePillowCuddler to thomasthetankengine [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:07 dorphz 12 - 16 (I hope my face isn’t done developing)

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2021.11.28 21:07 Icetron_YT My channel

Hi guys so I don't want to be like other people who just say subscribe but I think you should check out my videos I post good Fortnite content and it would make my day if you would subscribe my channel name is icetron
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2021.11.28 21:07 someonetrades New post about the coming Everdome snapshot

Hello everyone,
If you have the time to check out my newest article about the coming Everdome snapshot and possibilities on Substack I would appreciate it.
Any questions or comments are welcome.
Cheers. #BeYourOwnHERO
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2021.11.28 21:07 CapriKeenWater Sofia js sent an audio of her singinf the american anthem and then said it was the greatest free nation

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2021.11.28 21:07 29O0 Thraxx explains how he made his tag

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2021.11.28 21:07 Rzera95 Players who remember TW:W 1 & 2's launch, thoughts on monogod co-op chaos?

So while much is still unknown, I wanted to see if anyone remembers much about initial co-op in WH2. With all the FLC/DLC + reworks, I'm struggling to remember what lords were featured in the original releases. My buddy and I are planning on playing co-op, but without a secondary lord announcement for chaos factions, I'm not sure what to expect.
Would they surprise drop lesser legendary lords or potentially a useable-for-all lord (Be'lakor)? My buddy and I would both love to play Khorne, but without a second lord, it wouldn't really be possible. I imagine they could do duo-flavors of chaos teamed up, but that still seems lacking. While lore is typically secondary for alliance possibilities, I'm still hopeful of some way around it at launch... but not that hopeful.
Were there any mono-lord factions at launch for the sake of multiplayer?
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2021.11.28 21:07 ScotchMints Should real Christmas trees be banned?

As a child, I grew up with a real Christmas tree every year but since getting married and having no kids, we have an artificial tree. With all the talks of climate change and global warming, should we ban the use of real Christmas trees? Why cut down a tree just to decorate it, then throw it out a month later?
My opinion is leaning towards yes, but curious as to how others think and why?
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2021.11.28 21:07 TheOmenOfKnowledge INTP-T

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2021.11.28 21:07 Ok_Marionberry2087 Regirock 7911 9135 6529 adding 8

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2021.11.28 21:07 PostageBread 20/Est/Pc Long term friends :)

My names cole I’m a chill, funny(I think) person who games daily and is looking for more chill, nice people to add to my discord friend group. I have a server which has some great nice and funny people who play daily and play a lot of games. We either watch stuff play games or just chill and talk. We don’t play competitive sweaty games like battle royals and stuff like that. We play a lot of other games. If you wanna join and play some games and be active just dm me and tell me about yourself.
Here is my steam if you wanna see my games: https://steamcommunity.com/id/PostageBread/
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2021.11.28 21:07 Avedgy 32m looking for someone to hangout with and go places here in Southern California

I'm into spooky stuff and a lot of music genres. Emo, Pop punk, alternative, and metal are my faves. Some house music as well and some lofi. Looking for Someone I can hangout with, get coffee, tea, boba, walk around, then get a bite to eat, just something fun. There's some arcades around here we can go play at as well. Let's go watch a movie? Let's pick some things to do together :D
I'm pretty shy and awkward at first so just a heads up lol. Let's go walk around downtown areas and explore some places. I enjoy being lazy so more often than not I'd probably just want to hangout and listen to music or watch movies then fall asleep lmao. It's spooky season so there's always movies to watch. Then turn on some music and fall asleep to some emo music.
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2021.11.28 21:07 maryaljom u/top_log6494 is trusted

did this trade yesterday but forgot to post it but i went first and traded goth lolita set without cuffs and some other items
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2021.11.28 21:07 Stahlhelm2069 Forget Gripen. We should go to Hydra.

Forget Gripen. We should go to Hydra. submitted by Stahlhelm2069 to NonCredibleDefense [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:07 uaskmebefore 习近平的计划泡汤 中国最大半导体烂尾 紫光坑了一票银行

习近平的计划泡汤 中国最大半导体烂尾 紫光坑了一票银行 11月28日,据《自由时报》报道,中国紫光集团已进入破产重整阶段,经过多年盲目扩张,总负债超过2000亿人民币,到底坑了多少金融机构?中媒点名,包括国开行申报债权65亿人民币、进出口银行申报债权近39亿人民币,南京银行、中国交银等通通成了苦主;因紫光发行大量美元债,以花旗银行牵连最深,申报债权达170亿人民币。中媒开呛,前董事长赵伟国无序扩张,吹的大泡沫终于破裂。

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2021.11.28 21:07 Mclovin266 Anyone else having a problem with the derelict frigates

My game just keeps glitching on these.
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2021.11.28 21:07 ZealousidealScreen99 The super jet is 50% and the ice princess is 15%... So far I'm not seeing any changes to the wings section 🙁

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2021.11.28 21:07 MarloweSL Good evening.

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2021.11.28 21:07 Sum3zin Kng quando o plano ganha

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